Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blimpies Sandwich Restaurant, Castle Hill Avenue, the Bronx

The key and the key-ring are attached to a large egg-beater.  The egg-beater looks as if it was used to mix concrete, twisted every which way.  One hopes that it is permanently retired, never called back to perform its duties on Blimpie ingredients.  This Blimpies, Subways biggest competitor in New York City, with Quizno's a distant third, is located at the intersection of Castle Hill Avenue and Westchester Avenue in the Bronx.  The owners are Bangladeshi, as Banglas have grown in population here, owning not only stores but also homes, as the older Puerto Rican population moves or dies out.  The store is located under the elevated #6 train.  Unfortunately for Blimpies, their corner is not at the foot of the two stairs that lead customers off the subway platform above -  a lot of their potential customers are thus ceded to the Dunkin Donuts across the street, but that's also owned by Bangladeshis so maybe that's OK.

A few years ago the Blimpie ownership tried adding a pizza shop at the front of the store.  That didn't go too well, as the shop was closed before even the first pie was served. Perhaps they needed to a hire a consultant from the business pictured below.

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